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Jesenice, 19 March 2019 – The previous weekend, SIJ Acroni opened its doors wide to more than 200 visitors. The visitors were excited to see steel production, now a highly technologically advanced process thanks to investments in modernization – EUR 325 million in 10 years – and numerous innovations.

“My Saturday was free and I heard about the Open Days in the media, so I said to myself, why not,” said 29-year-old Urša Jerala, who visited SIJ Acroni for the first time and was positively surprised about the orderly and automated production. Among the visitors was also 14-year-old Luka Rant, student of the Železniki Primary School, who was so excited by the presentation of SIJ Acroni at the information day at the mechanical school in Škofja Loka that he was happy to attend the tour of steel production.

The visitors – the youngest 3 and the oldest 81 years old – first watched the presentation of the company, which is the leading producer of stainless heavy plates and one of the leading producers of special steels in the European Union. Then they took a tour of the Hot Rolling Mill and the Cold Rolling Mill where they saw the production of hot-rolled plates and cold-rolled coils. They also visited the mechanical laboratory, where they saw how the toughness of steel is tested at low temperatures after the samples are cooled with liquid nitrogen.

”With our tradition of Open Days, we open our doors to locals and other visitors. We are particularly pleased with the visit of young people, because we want to show that the steel industry today is completely different than it used to be – it is very modernized and as such offers young people excellent opportunities for career development,” said Tanja Avguštin Čufer, Head of HR in SIJ Acroni.

SIJ Acroni’s steel can be found all over the world in the most demanding industries – it is used in the largest icebreaker, engines for nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants etc. With 1400 employees, SIJ Acroni is a pillar of employment in Gorenjska. This year, they offer 29 company scholarships. Among the most sought-after professions are mechanical engineering technicians, electrotechnicians, electricians, installers of machine installations and mechanic locksmiths. SIJ Acroni also offers numerous benefits to its employees – from co-financing supplementary pension insurance to various sports activities, gatherings of employees and their family members at sports and social events, etc.


The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically integrated metallurgical group. Its products hold leading positions in European and global niche steel markets. The SIJ Group is one of the ten largest business groups in Slovenia, the five largest Slovenian exporters and the most important employers in Slovenia.

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