Physical laboratory

Physical properties of metals are their electrical, magnetic and thermal conditions. These properties are measured or examined by devices operating in the physical laboratory.
In the physical laboratory the following activities are carried out:

1. Experimental Workshop

In the experimental workshop samples for metallographic and corrosion examinations are cut. We are qualified to manufacture various sorts of small spare parts.

2. Laboratory for heat treatment

In the laboratory furnaces we carry out heat treatment of smaller samples, according to customer request or on instructions from researchers:

  • annealing, normalization, solution annealing, quenching, quenching and tempering 
  • hardenability test (Jominy) 
  • quenching test

We also perform trial heat treatment of various metallic materials to achieve the prescribed mechanical properties.

3. Measurements of electromagnetic properties

We carry out measurements of electromagnetic properties for our own purposes or on customer request.

4. Defectoscopy

  • Ultrasonic testing 

By this test we detect internal inhomogeneity, determine wall thicknesses, and carry out preventive examinations.

  • Penetrant testing 

We detect surface defects such as cracks, pores, and indentations.

  • Visual examinations

5. Dilatometric analyses

  • Determination of transformation points in the heating and cooling of the material 
  • Designing TTT and CCT diagrams 
  • Simulation of heat treatments