Ljubljana, Friday, 14 September 2018 – SIJ Acroni will optimise its production using Quintiq's solution. A new information-intensive planning platform will allow for integrated production planning and optimum management of the entire supply chain. For SIJ Acroni, this means a significant upgrade of planning and the optimisation of assets and inventories, a reduction in disruptions and human impact, and the rapid identification and elimination of bottlenecks. SIJ Acroni will therefore provide customers with even better quality products, shorter manufacturing times, and a more reliable supply.


SIJ Acroni, the largest steel company of the SIJ Group and the largest heavy metal producer in the EU, and an important global niche producer of premium steel, will optimise production using Quintiq’s solution. Quintiq, from Dassault Systèmes business systems, is a world-renowned provider of production planning and optimisation of the supply chain and an expert in the steel industry and in its specific needs in this field. These factors were the key factors in selecting a partner, and CIO of the SIJ Group, Vladimir Arshinov, emphasises: "Quintiq has developed one of the most advanced production planning systems. We are convinced of its reliability and compliance with our most stringent requirements and the provision of solutions tailored to our specific production and complex technological processes and steel manufacturing processes." During the implementation of the system, two full-time members of the Quintiq team will join two SIJ Acroni IT experts who will participate in the efficient deployment of the new system, testing, and subsequent reliable use.


An integrated production planning solution will enable SIJ Acroni, which in recent years increased its share of steel products with a higher added value from 55 to 70 per cent, to complete a full overview of the entire supply chain. In SIJ Acroni, the current Excel spreadsheet-based planning process will be replaced by a more efficient platform that enables efficient mid-term, short-term, monthly, and daily planning.  "The solution will enable our planners to enjoy a high utilisation of production capacities, a more balanced flow of steel through the plants, the faster completion of orders, management of an increase in small orders, and even more reliable supply and small inventories. It will increase the utilisation of available capacities by optimising resources and eliminating bottlenecks, thereby further expanding the capacity, efficiency and quality of our steel products production. The solution will also reduce the impact of interruptions and unexpected downtime and plan maintenance in line with business priorities,” said Branko Žerdoner, Managing Director of SIJ Acroni.




The SIJ Group is the largest Slovenian vertically-integrated metallurgical group. Its products occupy leading positions in European and global niche steel markets. The group consists of two basic activities – Metallurgy (basic activity) and the Poultry Division (Perutnina Ptuj Group). According to the first unaudited business results for the first half of 2018, Metallurgy and Poultry Divisions generated sales revenues of €557.8 million and an operating profit (EBITDA) of €57.4 million.



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