Scholarship recipients of SIJ Acroni bring victory to the “Steelmakers”

The company SIJ Acroni of the SIJ Group is closely associated with hockey in Jesenice – their will of steel has been connecting them with the “Steelmakers” for a venerable 70 years, which is why they decided to organise this year’s reception of scholarship recipients slightly differently. The recipients were invited to the Podmežakla sports hall to experience what it means to be “made of steel”, by going to the Alps Hockey League game between HDD SIJ Acroni and EK Zeller Eisbären.

At the start of the reception, the scholarship recipients (36 in all – 23 in high school, and 13 college students) were greeted by the Director of Production of SIJ Acroni Igor Smolej, who pointed out in his short introduction of the company that steel production is nowhere near the images we keep of the past – today, SIJ Acroni is a technologically advanced company offering many opportunities for the young.

As a warm-up, the students watched the short viral video “Made of Steel”, which carries the message that anything is achievable. The video has already made its successful rounds across social networks and you can access it at

After that, it was time for the main event – the game. The students, adorned with scarves in the hockey club’s colours, apparently did very well in cheering the team on, because the “Steelmakers” secured a strong, 4-1 win. After the game, it was time for photos with the victors.

However, there is no rest for SIJ Acroni’s scholarship recipients – a day after event they are joining a guided tour of SIJ Acroni’s production at the open house organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS).