"With the Slovenian Torch project, we are spreading the Olympic spirit, promoting sport and encouraging people to include it in their everyday lives. Top athletes and Olympians are role models for many, as they prove with their mind of steel that discipline, perseverance and effort always pay off. This is an important guiding principle, not only for achieving outstanding results in sport, but also in other aspects of life,” said Taja Škorc, director of sports for all and sports at the local level, Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations. 

Each torch visit has a unique character that reflects the local habits and customs, as well as features of the landscape and natural beauty. Being a torch bearer in your own municipality is a special experience and, at the same time, a symbol of recognition, which is why each torch bearer receives a piece of SIJ Group recycled steel to commemorate the occasion.

A Mind of steel bracelet.

The steel pendant is like a talisman imbued with magical powers. As a memento. As inspiration. The wearer of the Mind of steel bracelet can feel the energy of the strength of steel – one of the most recycled materials in the world – and, with a touch of superstition and imagination, listen to the whisper of 400 years of steelmaking tradition in Koroška, captured by his or her own small piece of steel. The bracelet helps the wearer awaken the mind of steel. The mind of steel that makes it possible to push the boundaries of what is possible and reach higher. Towards the goal. 

The bracelet pendant is made of recycled steel manufactured in the SIJ Group according to principles of circular economy. The polished piece is steel is carefully strung on a piece of string and the bracelet is then finished with a macrame knot. This is done by wonderful people at the Črna na Koroškem Center for Training, Work and Care from the Slovenj Gradec unit, who have been making the Mind of steel bracelets for several months. With a lot of heart and commitment. Proud to be a part of the Slovenian Torch project.

“The bracelets came to our workshop as a mysterious challenge. At the time, we weren’t aware of how many challenges and good spirit they would bring us. This secret has developed into a dynamic project bringing together good spirits, surprises and new skills. We are like hardworking ants, making something beautiful at the end of the day that makes people happy. It's lovely to be a part of a wonderful project that we will never forget,” emphasizes Katarina Lovko Kovačec, head of the Slovenj Gradec Center for Training, Work and Care unit, about the work the unit is doing to make the Mind of steel bracelets.

Each Mind of steel bracelet is unique and is not available for sale. The bracelets are limited edition and numbered in the enclosed leaflet. Unique. Each is imbued with the mind of steel, that of of Petra Majdič, ambassador of the SIJ Group Mind of steel project. Much like the mind of steel was given to the torch upon its construction.

“With sponsorship projects, we continue to raise public awareness of steel as the most widely recycled material in the world. It can be used over and over again without diminishing the quality. It is, so to speak, a material for eternity. And widely used in all fields of human life. The piece of steel on the bracelet was further imbued with magical powers – the energy of steel strength, the mind of steel. We are proud to share this energy with 10,000 torch bearers who have or will receive a Mind of steel bracelet as part of this three-month project," sums up Ksenija Štrancar, a specialist in sponsorships and internal communication at the SIJ Group.

Closed, the Mind of steel bracelet is like a circle, symbolizing connection and cooperation. The torch, which will travel all over Slovenia in 81 days and end its journey on 23 July in the town where it was constructed, will close another circle. 

A circle of awakened mind of steel, values of Olympism, messages of solidarity and hope. The intertwining of recreational and professional sport, people of different social groups and ages. Exceptional cooperation of all people. All of us. 


Watch the video about the making of steel bracelet.

You can follow current events about the Slovenian Torch project on the https://bakla.olympic.si website and on social networks with the help of #slovenskabakla, #jeklenavolja and #imamotokio hashtags.





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