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Ravne na Koroškem, Jesenice, August 7, 2023 – SIJ Group companies located in Ravne na Koroškem have successfully averted significant flood damage. The resumption of production at SIJ Metal Ravne and SIJ Ravne Systems will occur gradually, contingent upon the availability of employees who have been severely affected by extreme weather conditions. Challenges persist for SIJ Group companies and the entire Carinthia economy due to constrained and disrupted logistics routes.


Carinthia, where Ravne na Koroškem is situated, stands as one of the disaster's hardest-hit regions, hosting the operations of SIJ Metal Ravne, SIJ Ravne Systems, SIJ ZIP Centre, and SIJ Storitve. While the Gorenjska region did not experience flood-related repercussions on SIJ Group companies, they remain on alert due to a landslide near Koroška Bela in Jesenice, close to one of SIJ Acroni's production facilities.

Through close collaboration with firefighters, civil protection units, and SIJ Group employees, successful preventative measures were undertaken in Ravne na Koroškem, effectively averting the worst outcome of water expanding across the economic zone. Adjacent to the area, the Meža River overflowed, affecting a minor portion of SIJ Metal Ravne's production facilities, specifically the forging shop, as well as the laboratories at SIJ Ravne Systems. Immediate steps are already underway to rectify the consequences of the flooding. There is no damage assessment yet.

SIJ Group companies in Carinthia will gradually initiate production restart in the upcoming days. In this endeavour, they will need to consider employee availability as a primary factor. These employees largely hail from Ravne and the surrounding areas, which were significantly affected by the floods. The companies are eager to ensure the safe return of employees to work at the earliest feasible time.

The condition of the local transportation infrastructure will also influence the return to regular production operations. In Carinthia, numerous roads and bridges are in disrepair, and rail traffic is disrupted, resulting in substantial limitations or interruptions to logistics routes.

SIJ Group extends heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated firefighters and members of civil protection. Gratitude is extended to all employees who contributed to safeguarding the company's assets during these challenging circumstances. A considerable number of SIJ Group company employees also unreservedly assisted fellow citizens.

SIJ Group is committed to collectively overcoming challenges alongside employees, companies, and the local community. Furthermore, they take this opportunity to announce their exploration of providing supplementary support to employees for recovering from the consequences of the natural disaster.

More detailed information will be made available in the upcoming days.



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