Sports in general play a very important role in the development of professional sports. The SIJ Group is well aware of this. Besides supporting professional sports, they stand behind recreational sport enthusiasts with a mind of steel by enabling communities across Slovenia to train in street workout parks of their own production. Today they extended this spirit to the locals of Mozirje and the surroundings by officially opening the steel street workout park next to the Mozirje fairground in cooperation with the Olympic CommitteSe of Slovenia.

300 work hours went into each street workout park made of 86 meters of steel pipes. Today, the locals of Mozirje and the surroundings got to enjoy the eighth street workout park sponsored by SIJ Group, where they will have the chance to take even better care of their body and health in the future. The athlete Maja Mihalinec, a local who participated in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, attended the grand opening. Maja, who is returning to the tracks after a severe injury and long recuperation, is living proof that if you work hard and you have a mind of steel, you can achieve the seemingly impossible. As a testament to her, there is a board representing her sports path next to the street workout park, which will inspire both visitors and users. “The street workout park in Mozirje is a welcome addition for all locals, as it provides an additional option to exercise in nature. It is built next to a very popular walking and jogging path. I believe that exercising in the street workout park will be beneficial to runners passing by as well as other locals who want to get moving.”

At the grand opening in the beautiful scenery next to the Mozirje fairground, the mayor of Mozirje Municipality Ivan Suhoveršnik welcomed the guests: “I’m very pleased that the Olympic Committee of Slovenia recognizes the enthusiastic sports spirit in our municipality. This street workout park will be a big opportunity for everyone who likes exercising in nature, and I’m grateful for these “playgrounds” on behalf of all users.”

The president of OCS Bogdan Gabrovec also greeted the locals and emphasized: “This is another one in line of already active steel street workout parks which the SIJ Group has donated to local communities across Slovenia. I hope and believe that this one in Mozirje will also take off and soon become an added bonus for all locals of Mozirje and the surroundings who will take care of their health and keep in shape by exercising on these devices.”

The guests also listened to Sara Wagner, Head of Corporate Communications in the SIJ Group: “This street workout park will be a challenge for many who will want to test their abilities. The way to achieving your goals is not easy. For each success, for each time you give your all in any area – may that be sports, education, culture or business – you have to have a mind of steel. This quality has been an integral part of the SIJ Group’s character from the very beginning. We build street workout parks to evoke the steel strength in local communities across Slovenia. By bringing people in conscious contact with steel used for the street workout parks, we also want them to realise the important role this most widely used material in the world plays in the sports infrastructure.”

Through various activities under the brand name Mind of Steel, the SIJ Group evokes the inner steel strength needed for the determination and hard work which lead to success in sports and life in general. In cooperation with OCS, the SIJ Group plans to set up eleven street workout parks in total across Slovenia.

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