Ravne na Koroškem, Jesenice, 21 August 2023 – SIJ Group's biggest companies in Ravne na Koroškem, SIJ Metal Ravne and SIJ Ravne Systems, have effectively mitigated significant flood damage. In the days immediately following the floods, production was incrementally reinstated, and since August 16th, operations have resumed across all manufacturing facilities of both companies. SIJ Group has also promptly announced solidarity aid for its employees. The challenge encompassing the entire Carinthia economy, and correspondingly for SIJ Group, pertains to reestablishing regular transportation connections, ensuring they are also viable for accommodating freight traffic.

One of the worst affected areas by the natural disaster is Carinthia, including Ravne na Koroškem, where SIJ Metal Ravne, SIJ Ravne Systems, SIJ ZIP center and SIJ Storitve operate. In the Gorenjska region, no SIJ Group companies (SIJ Acroni, SIJ SUZ) were affected by floods or landslides.

To recall, through close collaboration with firefighters, Civil Protection units, and SIJ Group employees, successful preventative measures were undertaken in Ravne na Koroškem, effectively averting the worst outcome of water expanding across the economic zone. The Meža River flooded a portion of SIJ Metal Ravne's production facilities (Forging Shop) and SIJ Ravne Systems’ laboratories. As a result, the gradual restoration of production took place in the days following the floods, contingent upon infrastructure and employee availability. On Wednesday, 16 August, after the successful restoration of the damaged cooling water pipeline and the rehabilitation of the flooded aggregates, the plant was put into full operation at SIJ Metal Ravne, while at SIJ Ravne Systems it has been in full operation for the past week with the daily arrival of an increasing number of employees to work. An exception was the production of industrial knives, where operations started this week due to a collective leave. The challenge encompassing the entire Carinthia economy, and correspondingly for SIJ Group, due to delays in deliveries, pertains to reestablishing regular transportation connections, ensuring they are also viable for accommodating freight traffic.

Approximately 1,500 employees from SIJ Metal Ravne, SIJ Ravne Systems, SIJ ZIP center, and SIJ Storitve live with their families in areas severely affected by floods and landslides in Carinthia. SIJ Group stands by its employees with a strong sense of responsibility and compassion, aiming to assist them diligently in coping with the consequences of the floods. Solidarity aid is available and will be paid by SIJ Group companies in amounts ranging from EUR 2,500, which is more than the minimum amounts set by collective agreements, to EUR 10,000, which is the maximum non-taxable amount. The Lions Club Slovenj Gradec will gather designated donations from individuals and all other interested stakeholders, with a particular focus on contributions from employees for their fellow colleagues. The funds will be allocated to employees who have suffered damages in the floods but do not qualify for solidarity aid. This could be due to reasons such as the damage amount being less than EUR 5,000 or the affected property not being their residence. Additionally, these funds will aid employees who require extra assistance, such as those whose homes have been destroyed.

This year, SIJ Group will forego purchasing business gifts and limit some events. Instead, the funds will be directed towards providing humanitarian aid for employees. They will also establish psychological support for employees, recognizing the numerous hardships that natural disasters bring.

On this occasion, SIJ Group would like to express gratitude to all the employees who selflessly contributed to safeguarding the company's assets during these challenging times. Many employees from SIJ Group companies aided their colleagues and fellow citizens, also as volunteers on Solidarity Day. SIJ Group also extends its heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated firefighters and members of the Civil Protection.

SIJ Group is committed to collectively overcoming challenges alongside employees, companies, and the local community.


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